Every ship a work of art

At Lungteh, shipbuilding is in our blood. Nothing sparks our passion like taking a ship from design to dock, and out onto the sea. Our yard comprises a small but close-knit team of professional designers and master builders who are fiercely committed to our craft – both the technology of shipbuilding and the art of delivering the exemplary service every vessel and its owner deserves.

Commitment to the Craft

For us, every ship is a work of art. We complete every aspect of design and production in-house. We do not sub-contract. Decades of experience delivering mid-to-high-speed boats in materials ranging from steel and aluminum alloy to fiberglass-reinforced plastic (FRP) and carbon fiber, mean we are ready to rise to even the most demanding first-of-type challenge.


Shipshape Service


We extend the same meticulous attention to detail that underpins our craft to customers. We offer a flexibility and responsiveness that other yards struggle to match. Each order represents a relationship that lasts a decade or more, so our hull-to-helm understanding of all our vessels, right down to electrical power distribution and navigational system installation, is invaluable. It means when our clients call, we can offer immediate solutions, and the confidence that carries out on the waves.

Organizational Chart