High Performance Shipbuilding

Lungteh embodies a legacy of shipbuilding knowhow and technical excellence that grows with each new design and shipbuilding challenge. Our primary business is in high-performance work boats, including environmental services craft and other special purpose vessels as well as passenger ferries and naval combat boats. Tried and tested supplier relationships mean we deliver best-in-class quality while maintaining highly competitive cost effectiveness.

Integrated Design

At Lungteh, all boats are designed by our team of dedicated design professionals, many of whom have 20+ years’ experience solving first-of-type challenges for global clients. Since our founding in 1979, Lungteh has operated with a start-up spirit, taking on challenges that others outsource. In the process, we have developed a holistic understanding of shipbuilding that extends from design to craft, allowing us to deliver solutions that combine pragmatism, efficiency and economy.


After Service

Service and partnership are what make Lungteh the best choice. Our orders comprise one-stop maintenance and repair support. Long-standing cooperation ensures our vendor partnerships are extremely strong, enabling us to immediately connect customers with solutions requiring outside assistance or technical insight.

Quality Policy

We ensure that each ship is a work of art.
We promise to constantly provide products and services that satisfy both legal requirements and our customers’needs to ensure a high level of satisfaction among our customers.
We promise to continuously improve our quality management system and ensure its applicability, suitability, and effectiveness.


Information Security Management System

In order to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, availability and legality of information assets, and to avoid internal and external threats, deliberate or accidental, this policy is formulated in consideration of the company's business needs.

Environmental Policy  

Saving energy, reducing waste, preventing pollution, making the best use of all resources, and recycling are our goals to ensure environmental sustainability.

We promise to:
1.  Be responsible for the effectiveness of our environmental
    management system.
2. Ensure that environmental policies and objectives are established
    and that our employees work with the strategies and related
    matters of the company. 
3. Ensure that the requirements of the environmental
    management system are integrated with the company’s
    business process.
4.  Ensure that the resources required by the environmental
     management system have been well prepared.
5.  Ensure that environmental management is effective and that it
     meets the requirements of the environmental management system.
6.  Ensure that the environmental management system can achieve
     the expected goals.
7.  Instruct and support personnel and other relevant parties to
     contribute to the effectiveness of the environmental
     management system.
8.  Improve the environmental management system continuously. 
9.  Support the duties of other related management in order
     to show the management’s leadership.

Occupational health and safety management system  

Lungteh Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. pursues the ideal of "Zero-Occupational Accident", we commit,
1. Comply with all the government occupational safety & health regulations to secure occupational safety.
2. Promote occupational safety & health activities and management to keep personnel health.
3. Implement employee occupational safety & health training and disseminations to strengthen employee conscious.
4. Encourage participating occupational safety & health activities or consults to develop personnel awareness.
5. Activate occupational safety & health management system to assure employee’s physical and mental health as well as occupational safety.
6. Continuous improve the occupational safety & health management system to achieve the goal of "Zero-Occupational Accident ".


Based on  customers' needs, we aim to design and build the best ship possible and to make the best use of talents and resources.

Business Philosophy

1.  Honesty is fundamental to the enterprise.
2.  Team unity is an irreplaceable advantage of the enterprise.
3.  Humility makes possible the innovation and advancement
     of the enterprise.
4.  Employees’ ultimate need is a sense of achievement.
5.  The ultimate goal of humanistic management is management
     without management.


To become a professional, profitable, and cultural enterprise that can be developed sustainably.

Simulation-Based Design

  • The “Design For Production” methodology is a proven process that helps us achieve accuracy and efficiency on the manufacturing floor. By combining years of innovative manufacturing experience and 3D design process, necessary changes can be reviewed and identified during the design phase, which makes modifications more economical to implement from both cost and schedule prospective.